Rose is a Rose Herbal Bath Salts

Rose is a Rose Herbal Bath Salts

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A Rose is a Rose
Herbal Bath Salts

Nourish & Detoxify dried tired skin. Show yourself some love with this aromatic blend of Himalayan Pink Salts, Epson Salts, Sea Salts, Rose buds & Rose Essential Oil. Did you know it takes 60,000 roses to make 1 ounce of rose oil?  So please enjoy every drop of this luxurious bath remedy. See Bath Ritual below.


BATH RITUAL: Light a candle or two in your bathroom. Ask Alexa to play meditation music or soft love songs. Drop a cup of bath salts under the faucet as you are getting your bath ready, glide into the tub and embark on a journey of relaxation and mindfulness.

P.S. You may want to ask anyone else in the house to please give you this time to yourself….just sayin :))