Hormone Balancing Spray

Hormone Balancing Spray

  • $ 14.95

Hot Flashes...PMS??? Carry this little miracle with you. A blend of lemon, geranium, clary sage, angelica, bergamot and other essential oils to help relieve the effects caused by menopause or PMS.

The body spray is a great alternative to the oil for the simple fact you can carry it with you and spritz yourself as you need to and no one will be the wiser. Smells like a pretty body spray!

  • Lemon EO - memory enhancement

  • Geranium EO - Balancing - adapts to personal needs

  • Clary Sage EO - Reduces Anxiety

  • Angelica EO - Balances Monthly Cycle

  • Jasmine EO - Eases the Mind

  • Bergamot  EO - Antidepressant, 


Please check with your Doctor if you are on any hormone therapy treatments

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