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WINNER of Best of Long Island 2015 & 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to SOS The Natural Bug Away Spray Mosquito Repellent  for winning Best Natural Product on Long Island by The Long Island Press and all of it's loyal fans.! Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters for voting for us and making this dream possible. We couldn't have done it without your support and belief in SOS.

Our Mission:

Our Mission at SOS Natural products is to provide exemplary all natural options to treat yourself the all-natural way, keeping ourselves free from spraying harmful ingredients on our skin.

From our award winning all natural, DEET free, bug away spray Mosquito repellent to our therapeutic sprays for the mind, body & soul, we strive to provide products to treat yourself, your family & your pets the all-natural way.


Our Story:

Inspired by 3 beach bums Shawn, Olivia & Sarah

Our natural bug repellent products have allowed for lots of outdoor fun. Tested from the shores of Fire Island to the mountains of upstate New York and thousands of backyards in between, across the United States, our natural bug deterrents have Saved Our Skin time and time again. So let’s stay at the beach until sunset, roast marshmallows after dark, catch lightning bugs. in a jar (or fairies as we like to call them), sing around the campfire and make more memories….Without being bugged about it!


Please Enjoy Our SOS Commercial